Former Brexit Activist: Leave Campaign of the UK Broke Rules on Funding

    Photo by DAVID HOLT from Flickr

    The Channel 4 television of Britain reported that a former activist who is pro-Brexit had accused a group which campaigned for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union of breaching the spending limits before the Brexit referendum in 2016. The accusations were denied by the said campaign group.

    A former volunteer who worked with the Vote Leave group, Shahmir Sanni, informed Channel 4 that the donation of 625,000-pound ($883,375) of Vote Leave to BeLeave, another Brexit campaign group, meant that it violated the spending rules since the groups worked together.

    Sanni informed the TV channel: “In effect, they used BeLeave to overspend and not just by a small amount.

    “They say that it wasn’t coordinated, but it was. So the idea that the campaign was legitimate is false.”

    A former director of Vote Leave, Dominic Cummings, denied that his group broke any of the rules, saying that it have been granted permission from the Electoral Commission to make the donations in the run-up to the referendum.

    In a post that was published on his blog, Cummings also said that the allegations were part of an effort by the supporters of the continued EU membership of Britain to overturn the decision of the referendum to leave the bloc.

    Almost two years after the vote, British public opinion remains to be divided regarding the merits of withdrawing from the European Union, with each side citing the other of misleading the voters. The government says that the United Kingdom will leave on schedule in March of next year without another referendum.

    Sanni informed the Observer newspaper and Channel 4 that BeLeave even shared offices with Vote Leave, which gave assistance and advice to Beleave.

    Channel 4 and the Observer said that Sanni had shown his evidence to the Electoral Commission of Britain.

    Channel 4 cited a lawyer for Vote Leave as saying that the group was reviewing the accusations of Sanni and also said that the Electoral Commission had previously cleared Vote Leave twice over the issues regarding the campaign that was raised by Sanni.


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