Former Google Engineering Director Hired by HSBC

Photo by Amitauti

To give the bank a leg up in an increasingly digital world, HSBC is tapping up talent from tech companies. Take, for example, their new hire who is a former engineer from Google.

Mike Warriner was formerly the director of engineering at Google in the United Kingdom for the last five years. He has been named as the chief information officer of the bank covering HSBC’s digital wealth management and retail banking parts of the business.

Warriner was also in charge of the payments business of Google across Europe. Prior to working with Google, the computer science graduate from Cambridge was the technology chief at Intelligent Environments, software firm in the United Kingdom, for almost 20 years.

“HSBC is an amazing brand, has great products and a highly capable global technology team,” Warriner said. He will report to Ganesh Balasubramanian, the global CIO for those parts of the bank.

“But even the strongest can’t sit still, and the market is moving rapidly with new entrants taking advantage of mobile, artificial intelligence, chatbots, and agile development. I am confident that together we can build the best products in the market – relevant, innovative, and exciting and a great experience for our customers.”

The most recent foray of HSBC into digital is the launch of Beta, a new application, that will prepare it for Open Banking, with its users able to aggregate accounts from other banks. HSBC is spending over $2bn globally in order to modernise the business.