Former Oracle Executive Named As New Chief Of Google’s Cloud Business


Google is set to appoint Thomas Kurian, an Indian-American who is a former President of product development and technologist of Oracle, as the new chief executive officer of Google Cloud.

Kurian is set to join the company on the 26th of November. He will take over the cloud business of Google in January when Diane Greene, the current chief executive officer is scheduled to step down from her role.

Last Friday, Greene announced that she would be stepping down from her role after three years, however, she confirmed that she would be staying on until January of next year, when Kurian is set to take charge. She will be working with Kurian to make sure that a smooth transition will take place.

In a post, she stated: “After an unbelievably stimulating and productive three years, it’s time to turn to the passions I’ve long had around mentoring and education.”

She added: “Kurian, a respected technologist and executive, will be joining Google Cloud on November 26 and transitioning into the Google Cloud leadership role in early 2019.”

Greene admitted that she had not intended to stay in the position this long and will now turn her full attention to supporting female entrepreneurs and education-technology products.

Despite leaving her current role, Greene will continue to sit on the board of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, where she has served as a director since 2012.

Kurian has disclosed that he is excited by the challenge that lay ahead of him.

A statement that was released by Kurian said: “I’m excited to join the fantastic Google Cloud team at this important and promising time.”

Sundar Pichai, the Chief Executive Officer of Google, also praised Greene for her work in his own statement.

He stated: “I have deep appreciation for everything Diane has done.”

He added: “I’m super happy that we’ll continue to benefit from her wisdom as she continues serving on our board of directors.”