Former US President Barack Obama Offered Reince Priebus Some Advice on How to Handle Donald Trump

Photo by Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Barack Obama, the former President of the United States of America, gave Reince Priebus some advice on how to deal with the POTUS before he took on the position: You will have to tell Donald Trump things that “piss him off.”

During an exchange that was detailed by Chris Whipple, a writer for a forthcoming book that is titled The Gatekeepers: How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency, that was adapted in Vanity Fair, Priebus disclosed that Obama sat him down and said that the one thing that a president did not need was a yes man.

During a meeting between Priebus, the incoming chief of staff, and former chiefs after the election victory of Donald Trump, Obama came into the room to offer Priebus a quick talk.

According to an excerpt from the book, Obama informed Priebus: “Every one of these guys at different times told me something that pissed me off,” as a nod to his former chiefs.

“They weren’t always right; sometimes I was. But they were right to do that because they knew they had to tell me what I needed to hear rather than what I wanted to hear,” added Obama.

Addressing his comments toward Priebus, Obama said: “That’s the most important function of a chief of staff. Presidents need that. And I hope you will do that for President Trump.”

The book says that other people who were in attendance at the said meeting later expressed their fears that Priebus was not able to fully grasp the role that he would play following the inauguration of Donald Trump.

A Republican that was present during the meeting stated: “I caught the eye of several of the others and we exchanged worried expressions. He [Priebus] seemed much too relaxed about being able to navigate a difficult job. I think he struck a lot of us as clueless,” the excerpt continued, noting another person at the meeting added: “He was approaching the job like it was some combination of personal aide and cruise director.”