Four out of 10 Leave voters: ‘Losing our job is a price worth paying for Brexit’


A part of Brexit voters is willing for the UK economy to take “significant damage” from withdrawing the EU.

Some six in 10 Leave voters think the economic outcome would be “a price worth paying for Brexit” according to a new YouGov poll. A further 39 per cent of Brexit advocates would also think about themselves losing or leaving their job as a consequence of Brexit to be a price worth paying.

With 71 per cent of those who voted for Brexit and are aged over 65 saying significant economic destruction would be a price worth paying, both numbers grow when limited to older leave voters, and 50 per cent is showing their comfort with a family member losing a job.

However, this so-called ‘Brexit extremism’ isn’t enclosed to Leave voters. The same YouGov poll found that one in five Remain voters would likely to see the British market suffer “just to teach Leave voters a lesson.” Meanwhile, over a third of those polled who shown a choice and voted against Brexit would contemplate economic destruction a price worth paying to stop Britain’s exit from the EU.

The outcomes add to the sense that there is a developing age divide in British politics, backing both the Brexit referendum and the current general election.

With Chancellor Philip Hammond’s push for an intervening contract that will conserve relationship between the UK and EU, the poll comes as the government faces growing questions about whether it has a logical Brexit strategy while a trade agreement is negotiated getting fresh support from former Chancellor and Tory leader William Hague.

Hammond has come under fire from Cabinet collaborators who observe his plans as a plot to soften Brexit. “This is seen by long-standing advocates of leaving as a ‘soft’ position or a climb down,” said Lord Hague. “But in reality, it is a plan to rescue Brexit from an approaching disaster.”