France and UK Collaborates For Data and AI Innovation


Today, the governments of France and the United Kingdom are set to sign a five-year accord that will signify their agreement to work together on the innovation of the digital industry, committing both the countries to establish a collaboration on artificial intelligence, data, digital administration, and innovation.

This morning, Matt Hancock, the Digital secretary, is in Paris. He is set to announce the partnership alongside Mounir Mahjoubi, his French counterpart.

The aim of the said partnership will be to provide a boost to the digital economies of both countries and allow for a closer partnership with innovative firms that are across the channel.

As part of the said deal, the centre for research on AI and data of the United Kingdom, the Alan Turing Institute, will team up with Dataia, the French institute. They will lead the research into areas of shared interest through joint workshops and calls for fresh funding.

Before the meeting, Hancock stated: “The UK is a digital dynamo, increasingly recognised across the world as a place where ingenuity and innovation can flourish.”

He added: “We are home to four in ten of Europe’s tech businesses worth more than $1 billion [£758.2m] and London is the AI capital of Europe.”

The secretary continued: “France is also doing great work in this area, and these new partnerships show the strength and depth of our respective tech industries and are the first stage in us developing a closer working relationship. This will help us better serve our citizens and provide a boost for our digital economies.”

The Entrepreneur First startup accelerator of London will be proceeding with its global expansion by launching an international office in Paris, in addition to the said accord.

It already has some teams that are stationed in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Berlin. It is also backed by the likes of Lakestar, Mosaic Ventures, and Reid Hoffman, the founder of Linkedin.