French Government May Accept Bitcoins For Restoration For Notre-Dame Cathedral


The digital minister of France said that the government would consider backing donations in the form of bitcoins for the restoration of the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

During a press conference last Wednesday, France’s Minister for the Digital Economy,  Cedric O, stated: “I’m not sure every bitcoin player can do it but, anyway, we are open to the discussion.”

He added: “People should be able to make donations through whatever means they want to use.”

The historic Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris, France was devastated by a massive fire last Monday evening, the cause of which is still unknown.

Last Tuesday, a journalist working with France’s Capital magazine and a crypto advocate, Gregory Raymond, established a bitcoin fund to try and raise funds to help with the restoration.

Yesterday, O was asked whether the French government would bless these efforts and allow the bitcoin fund to donate to four official restoration organisations that have been selected by the state.

O stated: “I’ve been meeting with the platforms yesterday.”

He added: “As far as you’re able to ensure first that you don’t take any money that is transferred to the foundation, second that you collect the information that is needed for tax deduction, and third that you’re transferring the funds to the four foundations that have been chosen to rebuild Notre Dame, I think we can have a discussion in order to convey the message that people can make donations on your platform.”

As of Yesterday, nearly $1 billion has been pledged toward the restoration of the Notre Dame cathedral. The majority of the pledges came from French billionaires, as well as other wealthy individuals including Tim Cook, the Apple CEO.

An independent non-profit heritage group, Le Fondation du Patrimoine, said that it is still too early to estimate the total cost of the damage to the famous Paris’ landmark.

Last Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, promised to rebuild a “more beautiful” Notre Dame within 5 years.

O’s remarks regarding potential bitcoin donations came during a press conference on the sidelines of the Paris Blockchain Week summit, a two-day event that showcases France as a place to do business for blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses.