Galaxy Note 8 release: Samsung refuses to say if Note 7 discount applies in UK


After Samsung’s refusal to confirm whether it would offer a discount on the Galaxy Note 8 for customers who bought the Note 7 in Britain, it seems that UK customers could miss out on this deal.

During the company’s launch of the Note 8, it announced that Note 7 customers who preferred to hold on the brand, despite a global recall last year, will be rewarded with a major discount worth $425 (£330). It stated that the customers could exchange their current handset for a lower price on the £869 Note 8.

The tech giant announced that the deal would be available for pre-orders in the United States starting on the 24th of August. But it looks like Samsung will not extend the incentive to customers in the UK.

The company is noticed to have no advertisements regarding the deal on its UK website, and it has not been made available through its support helpline. Furthermore, the company denied comment when asked if the deal will be brought to the UK.

It can be recalled that the Note 7, a smartphone released in August 2016, had a global recall after some devices overheat and burst into flames which were caused by problems with its battery.

The said discount could have helped make the premium smartphone to appear more attractive to buyers, but for now, the deal is only offered to US customers.

Samsung sold around 2.5 million Note 7 phones. Most of them were purchased by customers in the U.S. and Korea but around 50,000 made their way to Europe and the UK is one of Samsung’s biggest markets.

The release of the Note 8 came after a difficult year for the brand. Thus, the Note 8 has been acclaimed as a fresh start for the Note series as it offers powerful specs, a dual camera, a stylus pen, and, more importantly, a safe and more reliable battery.

Conor Pierce, Samsung UK head, stated that the company has said the UK, where its brand had “never been in better shape”, was included in its key markets of the Note.