Gboard of Google Introduces a Quick Way to Create Reaction GIFs

Photo via Cult of Mac

The Gboard for iOS of Google is trailing a bit behind its Android counterpart. However,  a new update for users of the iPhone comes with an awesome game changer. As onlookers has noticed, the feature’s dedicated GIF-maker button is no longer lurking at the bottom as it currently has a more prominent position on the said keyboard. The button is not right on top just beside the word suggestion bar. It is now accessible, and convenient for many users. It is made even better by the fact that the feature can now also record short video snippets with the use of the front-facing camera, making the feature a veritable reaction machine for GIFs.

Users can simply fire up the Make-a-GIF button and film a Loop, which has a three-second format that is similar to that of Boomerang. Or a Fast-Forward that lets the user record a footage that has a maximum of one minute and creates a sped-up GIF. While we can confirm the new placement of the button on the iOS, onlookers still cannot see it on the Android yet. However, users must take note that the new placement of the button was only obseved when the keyboard was re-installed. The app store pages of Gboard do not have notes regarding the update either, so users will simply have to check if it is now available every now and then.