Gemalto: Contract for Post-Brexit UK Passport Will Protect Data & Create Jobs

Photo by Chris Fleming from Flickr

On Monday, Gemalto, the Franco-Dutch digital security group, said that the contract of the company to manufacture the new, post-Brexit British passport would generate new jobs and that it would make sure that the key data details of the citizens are protected.

In a statement, Gemalto said: “The passports will be personalised in the UK to ensure all citizens’ personal and biometric data remains in the country.”

The company added: “This process will further extend Gemalto’s presence in the UK, where it has operated for the last 25 years and create new jobs, supplementing the 500+ staff which Gemalto already employs in the UK, as well as generating secondary economic benefits in the local communities where Gemalto will be manufacturing the passports.”

Gemalto is currently in the process of being acquired by Thales, a French group. Last week, the government of Britain confirmed that the company had defeated De La Rue to snag the contract of making the new passports, in a deal that will run for approximately 11-1/2 years and has a value amounting to 260 million pounds.

Last week, the United Kingdom had also said that the contract award would see Gemalto add 70 additional jobs to its workforce in the country.

Theresa May, the British Prime Minister said that the decision to change the British passports from the burgundy shade that is used by the majority of the countries in the European Union to the traditional dark blue is considered as an expression of the independence and sovereignty of Britain.

However, reports that a foreign company had won the contract for the new passports led to criticism from some newspapers and politicians that the British government was being unpatriotic.