General Secretary of Labour Steps Down

    Photo via Zimbio

    The Labour party announced last night that Iain McNicol, the general secretary of the party, has stepped down from his post in order to “pursue new projects” on behalf of the party and the Labour movement.

    McNicol was in charge of running campaigns, organising conferences, and employing staff. He thanked his staff for their hard work during the “tumultuous seven years.”

    He stated: “I will continue to support Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and will work closely with him and our whole parliamentary team to take Labour to victory at the next General Election.”

    Corbyn said his thanks to McNicol and said that he was “confident Iain will continue to play a major role in politics and our party.”

    The officials of the Labour Party will is set to meet to decide on the process for the election of his successor.

    McNicol disagreed with Corbyn and his allies throughout the time of Corbyn as the leader of the party, and he is assumed to be replaced by someone who is from the Labour left.