German Chancellor Urges For Greater Military Cooperation In EU


Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, has said that the European Union should cooperate more in developing weapons systems. Her comments is an attempt to push back against a growing wave of Euroscepticism before the parliamentary elections in Europe that is scheduled this coming May.

Merkel said that her country may deem that it is necessary to make compromises on stricter export controls.

In a speech that was addressed to her Christian Democrats party (CDU), she stated: “It is good that after several decades we want to develop a common defence policy … We must develop weapons systems together.”

She added: “We have very strict export rules, others have less strict rules … But anyone who develops an airplane with us would also like to know whether they can sell the plane with us.”

She continued: “We will have to make compromises, that is what we are talking about at the moment.”

Last year, Germany halted arms sales to Saudi Arabia following the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a journalist of Washington Post.

Merkel has repeatedly emphasised the importance of the partnership of Germany with France. On her weekly podcast this week, she said that the friendship was “far from a given after centuries of military conflict between our countries.”

She added: “We want to give an impulse to European unity.”

Last November, the German Chancellor went as far as to urge for the creation of a European Army. She emphasised that such an effort would not mean an end to the US-led Nato.

Merkel was one of the several politicians of the European Union who met with Theresa May last Thursday as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom seeks to look for a resolution on the Brexit discussions after her proposed deal was voted down by the MPs in Westminster last week.