Giant Solar Drone of Facebook is Going on Display for the First Time in London


    Photo via Youtube

    Residents of London will be able to get a real-life look of a giant solar-powered drone, one of the most ambitious projects of Facebook to date, as the drone goes on display for the first time.

    The aircraft which the social media believes can provide internet access to remote regions across the globe will become a part of a new major exhibition on technology and the future at the V&A.

    The plane is called Aquila, and it was built in Somerset. It will form part of the first exhibition of the museum that is focused on design, digital, and architecture, that will highlight areas including artificial intelligence, genetics, space exploration, and cryogenics.

    Over 100 exhibits will tackle the intersection of science and art, technology, and what it means for our sense of self, the planet, the public sphere, and even the afterlife, also probing visitors to reflect on the ethical implications.

    A laundry folding robot that was designed by scientists at Berkeley university will also be featured, as well as a video of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, pitching the council to obtain permission for its massive new headquarters in California, and a DNA testing kit from Bento Lab, a British startup, that wants to be genetics’ Raspberry Pi.

    Tristram Hunt, the museum’s director, said: “From the very beginning, the V&A has championed pioneering art, science, design, and technology.

    “Now in the midst of the digital revolution, this eagerly anticipated exhibition delves into our fast accelerating future of artificial intelligence, synthetic biology and space exploration. The V&A is taking live experiments about our future society from the studio and lab into the museum.”

    The exhibition that is sponsored by Volkswagen is called The Future Starts Here. It is located in the new £55m Sainsbury Gallery of the museum, and it will run starting from May of 2018.