Gift-Wrapped Horse Manure Left at the Home of Trump’s Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin


A bomb squad team hurried to the Los Angeles home of Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury Secretary of Donald Trump, only to discover a suspicious package that was labelled for him that was containing horse manure.

Reports said that the team was dispatched to the home of millionaire Mnuchin in the Bel Air area of the city after a neighbour reported about receiving a package that was addressed to the cabinet member. The said package also included a Christmas card that has negative comments regarding Trump and the new tax law that was signed last week.

Rob Weise, the Los Angeles Police Department Area Watch Commander, informed NBC that the said package was dropped off on Saturday evening and was cleared by officers at around 8 pm. He said that the investigation for the incident has now been handed to the Secret Service.

Some resident were frustrated with the heavy police presence, including the widower of Zsa Zsa Gabor.

“We have $50m homes, and we can’t move, we can’t get out,” stated Prince Frederick von Anhalt, who was left trapped for about 2 hours. “That’s bad; they have to find another way.”

Mnuchin, who was reportedly not at his home when the package was found, is a former executive of the Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Hollywood film financier.

Earlier in 2017, he and his wife, British actress Louise Linton, prompted controversy when they took a photograph while posing with a sheet of dollar bills at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Critics said that they looked like villains from a James Bond movie, something that Mnuchin, whose signature is found on the bills, seemed to be quite happy about.

“I guess I should take that as a compliment that I look like a villain in a great, successful James Bond movie. But let me just say, I was very excited of having my signature on the money,” Mnuchin informed reporters.

“It’s obviously a great privilege and a great honour and something I’m very proud of.”