Goldman Sachs Offers Gender-Reassignment and Fertility Treatment To UK Employees


    Goldman Sachs is currently offering gender-reassignment surgery and fertility treatment to its employees who are based in London, as it pushes on the perks in a bid to encourage women to work at the company.

    The roughly 6,000 UK staff of the giant investment bank will npw have access to consultation and treatment for gender dysphoria, and an assisted fertility benefit that will include IVF treatment.

    Richard Gnodde, the Chief executive of the bank, informed the employees in London regarding the new perks last week. The  new position of the UK office on gender-reassignment surgery brings it up to speed with the office of Goldman Sachs in the United States of America, which has had the same policy since 2008. It ix also in line with that of Silicon Valley giants such as Netflix, and Accenture, a management consultancy giant.

    Its offer of funded fertility consultations and treatments is a part of an effort to fix the gender imbalance in the company. Frequently, it has been labelled as an old boys’ club. The lack of women in top jobs means Goldman has a yawning mean gender pay gap that amounted to 72.2 percent between what male and female staff earn in bonuses in Europe.The firm has said that there is “significant work to do” in order for the bank to correct its gender imbalances, which include a hugely male-dominated partner class.

    Goldman has revealed a a target to have half its newly-recruited analysts be comprised women by 2021.

    With the announcement of the offer for the fertility treatments, the bank stated: “We believe we are the first to introduce a guided pathway to ensure that in addition to providing fertility benefits, we are also partnering with a clinical group to ensure employees and dependants have support through process.”

    Lloyds Banking Group added gender reassignment surgery to the benefits package to its employees in 2016. It was believed to be the first company in the United Kingdom to do so.