Gondola Breaks Down in French Alps Leaving Hundred of Skiers Trapped in Chairlifts

    By Capricorn4049 [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia Commons

    More or less 200 skiers are trapped in chairlifts after a gondola broke down at a resort that is located in the French Alps.

    Rescue operations immediately went underway, and no one of the passengers has been reported to be injured.

    An official who is with the prefecture in the eastern Isere region informed the Associated Press that the majority of the skiers were immediately evacuated after being stuck for one or two hours on the gondola at the Chamrousse resort.

    The gondola cars are 25 metres above the ground.

    The prefecture official, Violaine Demaret, said that two civil security helicopters dropped rescue personnel over each car in order to open the roof hatches, release the skiers who were stuck inside, and lower the passengers down to safety.

    The rescue operations were expected to be finished before nightfall.