Google Assistant is coming to more speakers and appliances


Google introduced the software development kit of it AI Assistant to the wider world of third-party smart devices, including smartlocks, blenders, and web camera, last May. Google announced that more gadgets would be able to include the integrate the Google Assistant at the IFA in Berlin. Users will soon see the digital helper in more speakers, home automation systems, and in various appliances.

Although Google Assistant is already a part of the Google Home smart speaker, the company is still looking to make it available on Mobvoi’s Tichome Mini, Anker’s Zolo Mojo, Panasonic’s GA10, and various other upcoming devices. Google also promises to introduce even more speakers as the week progresses. Similar to the quest of Amazon to integrate Alexa on as many non-Amazon devices as possible, Google wants to make sure that users can get the experience of the “OK Google” on as many smart speakers as possible to assist bind users into the Assistant’s ecosystem.

Soon, “Ok Google, is the laundry done?” may become your favourite thing to ask, too. Partnerships with businesses like LG for smarter, voice-controlled vacuums, dryers, and washers, were also announced by the tech giant. Users make their request via an Assistant-enables speaker or mobile phone (including iPhones), and the smart appliance will take it from there. Some home automation systems including Netatmo, Honeywell, and TP-Link, are also joining the Assitant. Turn on your slow cooker on a schedule, dim the lights when you want, and schedule your sprinklers, all with the simple command, “Ok Google.”