Google Assistant for iOS now available in the UK


Google’s artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant, dubbed as the Google Assistant, was launched in the UK as an app available for iPhone users.

This new app will allow the user of Apple’s iOS operating system to make use of Assistant to ask for news updates, answer inquiries, and control smart home devices.

Google Assistant is a direct rival of the Apple’s Siri, the tech giant’s own existing helper software. It is also going to be offered in France and Germany.

The feature was first presented in May to the users of the iPhone in the United States. It can be controlled by typing instructions or by using voice commands.

With the new Google software joining Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, and Sir, it is apparent that virtual assistants are becoming more prominent in the last 12 months.

Also, Amazon Echo, Google Home, and other smart speakers that house AI software has been more popular with consumers.

Apple also revealed earlier this year that it would launch Homepod, its very own AI-connected speaker, in December.

With the emergence of smart appliances that give users the opportunity to control greater parts of their homes using a mobile device, or by just using their voice, Artificial Intelligence Technology has developed as a key battleground for the major technology companies.

The existing smart speakers available in the market can be used to ask everyday questions commonly answered by search engines on the internet. These can also be used to set timers, and request music playlists.

The said technology has now also become increasingly necessary to the utilisation of the smartphone, with machine-learning algorithms used to help software understand basic conversations and context, with the intention of offering more precise replies to its users as a result.