Google Chrome to let users permanently mute annoying video ads that play sound automatically


A tool that lets you mute websites that automatically play videos with sound permanently was developed by Google.

It has been a very irritating problem, and the new option will surely be welcomed by the majority of the users of the internet.

Advertisements and videos that play with sound can be distracting, most especially when you’re also trying to listen and watch something at the time.

To turn the ad or the video off, the users usually, need to suspend what they are doing so that they can figure out which of the background tabs is playing the sound and then scroll down the page to look for it.

However, according to Chromium evangelist, François Beaufort, it is presently not yet available to Chrome users since Google is still experimenting with the feature as of the moment.

“This will give you more control about which website is allowed to throw sound at you automatically,” said Beaufort `in a Google+ post.

Users can, however, try the feature in the experimental and unstable version of the browser, the Chrome Canary.

Users will have to activate the mute feature by operating the Canary with the “–enable-features=SoundContentSetting” switch since the feature is turned off by default.

After turning the switch on, the website can be muted by clicking the View Site Information symbol – which may appear like a padlock – on the omnibar’s left-hand edge and selecting Sound.

Once a website is muted, it won’t play videos with sounds automatically again until users unmute it.