Google Discovered Another Bug in the Edge browser of Microsoft

Photo by Robert Scoble/Flickr

Google gives its Project Zero some time with discovering loopholes and security issues within the products of other companies, and they are pretty effective at what they do. Currently, Google has disclosed to the public a medium-level security issue within the Edge browser of Microsoft. The vulnerability was initially discovered back in November.

The details are notably technical. However, the said issue has to do with how Microsoft Edge deals with the execution of codes. Thanks to the said flaw, a hacker could e able to bypass the security features of the Edge browser and put malicious code within the memory of the target computer.

The policy of Project Zero is to give companies 90 days following the detection of a security flaw to fix the issue. Neowin initially reported that Google advised Microsoft regarding the problem last November. But since the company has not yet fixed the issue, Google has released the issue to the public. It is not likely to make Microsoft very happy, as the firm has previously taken the issue with how Google handles reports that are like these.