Google Hints Assistant is Almost Ready for Chromebooks


The October 4th event of Google might include more for fans of the Chrome OS than the rumoured Pixelbook. 9to5Google and  David Cannon have noted multiple app references to Google Assistant appearing in Chromebooks. The home app of Google notes that some Assistant apps will work with the Chromebooks, for instance, while the app, Chat with your Assistant, began listing compatibility with the Chrome machines recently alongside the typical gaggle of Android releases. In the past, there was code hinting at Assistant support. However, these public nods hint that support is imminent.

There is zero guarantee that you will see Google talking about Assistant on October 4th. However, it would not be at all shocking. If the Pixelbook shows up at the event, the Chrome OS is going to have some time in the spotlight — it would be an excellent opportunity to unveil a major feature. The big question is if the feature will be widely available from the beginning or not, provided that it unveils at the media gathering. Google undoubtfully aims to put Assistant in as many places as possible. However, it might make use of early access on the Pixelbook as a selling point.