Google Set to Relaunch Map Service in China

By David McSpadden from Daly City, United States (Google maps car) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

On Monday, Nikkei reported that Google is set to relaunch its map service in China following an eight-year absence.

Nikkei said that the firm had established a China-specific version of the Google Maps website and it introduced a map app for iPhone users in China.

Nikkei said that then the users of the app try to make use of its navigation features, the users are automatically transferred to an app that is from AutoNavi, a mapping company that is owned by Alibaba Group Holding, the Chinese internet giant.

The announcement comes after Google joined an investment in Chushou, a  Chinese live-stream mobile game platform, earlier this month, as the company seeks new inroads to China, where the search engine of the company is blocked.

The map service of Google has not been available in China since the company mostly pulled its services out of the country way back 2010 following its refusal to continue self-censoring the search results of the website. Since then, the company has maintained a limited presence in the biggest smartphone market in the world.