Google Vs Brussels: Another Europe Antitrust Fine Imposed for the US Tech Giant as It Waits for Conclusions of Android and Adsense Investigations


Brussels is getting ready to hit Google with another fine just a few months after a record penalty for anti-competitive behaviour amounting to $2.4bn when it was discovered to favour its own shopping services in search results.

A separate antitrust investigation, which involves its Adsense product this time, is anticipated to be finished in the coming weeks with a new fine expected.

However, the Telegraph reports that the third investigation by the competition regulator of Europe into the Android operating system of Google has been kicked into next year.

Conclusions to both investigations had been anticipated before the end of 2017.

Google is making an appeal against the record shopping search fine. However, it has implemented new arrangements for displaying shopping search results in order to avoid additional penalties.

In 2016, in the adsense case, Margrethe Vestager, the EU competition chief, issued what is known as a statement of objectives describing how it believes it protected the company’s dominant position in online search advertising. The case said that it believes that Google reduced choices by restricting third-party websites from sourcing search ads from competitors to Google.

Analysts believe that a fine in the Android case, which was also imposed by the European Commission in 2016, could surpass $6bn. According to the newspaper report, the European Commission is doubling down on due diligence that will take it into 2018.

Vestager has been strict with US tech titans, moving promptly on various cases under her watch. However, she was hit a blow in September after a decade-long battle resulted in Intel winning in its appeal against a then record fine that was handed down in 2009. The case was referred back to a lower court by the European Court of Justice in order to be heard again.