Google’s Datally App Can Help Limit Data Usage of Users

Robert Scoble/Flickr

A new Android App that can help users monitor and control the amount of data that users use has been launched by Google. The app, called Datally, shows the real-time data usage of customers for every application inside a bubble icon. It offers users an easy way to stop it from using more data in the meantime. The app shows the daily usage of a user using a bar graph, and it will send notifications to the users to activate their data saver function in case it is currently turned off. And to stay true to the app’s purpose, the tech company also gave it the ability to look for WiFi hotspots that users can connect to.

Some of the features that were mentioned are currently available for Android phones. However, Google, which trademarked the name in 2016, has chosen to organise them into one easy-to-access location. According to Reuters, Datally was produced by the Next Billion Users of Google, a division that concentrates on making the internet more accessible in developing nations. Indeed, something that can closely monitor app usage can be a godsend for users in places where purchasing prepaid credits for calling, texting, and data is normal.

Despite the app’s intended target audience, Datally sounds useful for anyone with restricted “unlimited” mobile data plans in the United States and other developed countries, as well. The app is available for download on Google Play if ever users want to give it a try, Google claims that users can use up to 30 percent less data than what they usually use once they install the app.