Government consultant drops in Wichita for business talks


“It’s excellent to know that they can require time and drop in someone as little as we are.”

A little Kansas business gets some quite huge attention. Kent Kruse with Kruse Corporations is used to talking with industry, but Saturday, he was talking with huge politics.

“Sometimes everybody Americans, myself consisted of, in some cases we do not feel we have a voice, like no one’s listening up in high level federal government. This sort of altered my understanding a fair bit to have someone of a high stature visited and ask us exactly what he can do to assist,” Kruse stated.

Eric Brandstad is a senior consultant to President Donald Trump in the Department of Commerce. He remained in Wichita and other Midwest websites Saturday talking development and earnings.

“What we wish to hear is exactly what your difficulties are and exactly what is stopping you from growing? And I wish to take those responses back to Washington D.C. and show them, these are the difficulties they’re dealing with in Kansas and this is exactly what’s keeping them from growing and keeping them from increasing incomes and after that we’ll return with how they’re going to resolve that,” Brandstad stated.

One huge subject was worldwide business offers. Brandstad highlighted handle China and beef exports.

Organizers of the see, consisting of Brian McHuges, stated that’s favorable.

“Guess exactly what, we’ve got exports of our beef going to China so that’s great news for Kansans,” McHughes stated. “It’s everything about tasks and the economy.”

“This is a genuine export for America to China into a large market,” Brandstad stated. “This will imply something for business and the American employee in a huge way.”

Cruse stated since Trump started his presidency, he’s seen modifications to his clients. His company does HVAC, pipes and other structure and restoration work for commercial structures.

” I have observed a lot more optimism on our client base,” Kruse stated. “Bigger business in your area that are taking a look at developing larger structures, remodeling their areas because there appears to be real optimism in business world.”

In general, Kruse stated he values someone revealing his voice matters.

“Why would Donald Trump appreciate us in Wichita? Kruse asks, stating in some cases it’s simple to obtain down on ourselves. “it’s good to have someone like Eric come through and let us know that they do, they do care.”