The Government Wants to Offer Better 5G /mobile and Wi-fi Signals on Trains

Peter Whatley [CC BY-SA 2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

The government is vowing to sort out mobile phone signal on trains across the United Kingdom that would allow every passenger to stream movies straight to their smartphones, without any interruptions while travelling through reception “back holes.”

Plans for laying fibre optic cables alongside train tracks in order to offer gigabit broadband wi-fi and mobile masts to take 5G to rail journeys are being considered as a part of its goal of making the United Kingdom a world leader in the technology.

The government stated that it wants to “dramatically improve” the connectivity for passengers by 2025 – including ensuring that the signal is not cut off through tunnels – and is consulting on how that can be achieved.

Matt Hancock, the digital minister, stated: “We want people to be able to get connected where they live, work and travel.

“This means improving connections on Britain’s railways now and making sure they are fit for the future. We’ve got a long way to travel, but our destination is a world-class signal for passengers. This will not only make journeys more enjoyable and productive but will help improve the operation and safety of the railway and deliver economic benefits for the whole of the UK.”


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