Heathrow Reveals Latest Rankings of the Dirtiest and Nosiest Airlines

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    Heathrow has announced which airlines that are using the airport are yet to clean up their act, using a league table for the dirtiest and noisiest carriers during the third quarter.

    Some airlines have gone up the rankings, with Air India currently the quietest airline flying to the London airport from July to September 2017, going up 41 places since the first league table was published earlier in 2017. Flybe, a regional airline, has also improved, moving up from the 29th place to the 18th place.

    However, Kuwait Airways was at the bottom of the list yet again, with the long-haul fleet of Turkish Airlines, and Saudi Arabian Airlines being in the 48th and 49th out of the 50 airlines that were ranked.

    Top 10 Noisiest and Dirtiest Airlines

      1. Kuwait Airways
      2. Turkish Airlines – long-haul
      3. Saudi Arabian Airlines
      4. El Al
      5. Aeroflot – long-haul
      6. Turkish Airlines – short-haul
      7. Pakistan International Airlines
      8. Air China
      9. Middle East Airlines – long-haul
      10. Jet Airways