Hidden Code in Instragram Hints at Video Call and Voice Feature


Instagram might just be able to offer everything that their users need to keep in touch with their friends in the future. TechCrunch has uncovered hidden icons and codes for “Call” and “Video Call” in the Android APKs of the platform and its standalone Direct messaging app.

Instagram declined to comment regarding the findings of TechCrunch. However, the APKs usually contain the features that the developers plan to switch on later. Having the ability to make video and audio calls from within direct messages would make Instagram an even larger threat to Snapchat, which could lead to trouble for Snap, as Instagram Stories has more users already.

The said features could also transform the role of Instagram in the life of its users. In its current form, it serves as a platform where users can see snippets of the activities of their friends– even their highlight reels– however, the users probably still depend on a chat app such as Messenger to connect with their friends on a more personal level. If and when the said new features arrive, Instagram users would not be required to switch to another app anymore: the users will simply have to open up their DM and press the call button.