Highest-Ever Test Flight Completed by Blue Origin

By NASA/Lauren Harnett via Wikimedia Commons

The first test flight that was conducted by Blue Origin this year was a success. Even after the last-minute weather setbacks that were experienced, the outfit of Jeff Bezos completed its eighth launch and landing of the New Shepard, including a touchdown for the dummy-equipped Crew Capsule 2.0. More so, it represented a significant milestone as the mission was able to reach an apogee of 351,000 feet, which is both the highest altitude that was achieved so far and the target for the full-fledged service of Blue Origin.

There are still more test flights that are yet to be conducted. However, this increases the odd that Blue Origin will be able to achieve its dream of launching a flight that has human crews later that is targeted to be conducted later this year. It is also considered to be a good sales pitch for its customers, especially those who may want to make use of the more powerful New Glenn (the users of New Shepard will get the first crack at it) when it is ready in the 2020s. The mission demonstrates that Blue Origin is able to meet its key goals and may well provide to be a viable alternative to companies such as the SpaceX.