Hillary Clinton: Supporters of Brexit ‘voted against modern Britain’


Hillary Clinton, the Former Democrat Presidential nominee, says that Brits who supported Brexit in the referendum on European Union membership last year “voted against modern Britain.”

Clinton, who was defeated by Donald Trump in 2016’s US election, informed the Sunday Times during an interview: “They voted against modern Britain and the EU, believing that somehow this would be good for their small village. It made no sense.

“The same thing played out in my race, but I didn’t think we were so vulnerable. But it turned out we were wrong — in part because the Russians played a much bigger role.”

Hillary Clinton stated that the Brexit vote that last June “should have been a bigger alarm” for her campaign and stated: “It was some of the same people working for Trump, advocating for him,” who campaigned for Britain to leave the European Union.

“How, in democracies like ours [can] people believe nonsense and lies on the side of buses about how much money the UK government paid to the EU? How did we let this happen?” said Clinton, referencing the infamous claim of Vote Leave that £350 million-a-week was sent to the European Union and could be spent on the NHS.

Clinton said that the tactic that was used by both the Trump campaign and the Brexit campaign was to “tell a really horrible lie over and over again, keep people off balance and make them think that this will, if not make their lives better, make them feel better.”

The former Secretary of State also requested for a UK investigation into Cambridge Analytica, the huge data company whose involvement in both the Trump campaign and the Brexit vote have been called into question.

“I hope the UK are investigating,” said Clinton. “You know they were involved in the Kenya elections and Brexit, and are the subject of congressional and special counsel inquiries. The question to be asked is: how did they, the Russians and the Trump campaign converge?”