HQ Trivia Makes its Debut in the UK

Photo via The Verge

HQ Trivia, the popular app-based game show, has finally made it to the United Kingdom.

Brits can now compete for winnings amounting to $11 with regular games that are geared toward audiences in the United Kingdom. One of the hosts of the game show will be Sharon Carpenter. Carpenter is from England. She will be the popular host of the online show for across the pond.

On Sunday, the first British game kicked off. It appeared like players from Britain were into the same game following months of playing its “American” version and waking up at odd hours to compete in the game.

The game is currently available for users of the iPhone and on Google Play for Android. However, that has not stopped the game’s increasing popularity. And now all that knowledge about (European) football, tea, and the royal family will finally come in handy.