Huawei Founder Ren Zhengfei Dismisses Spying Claims


Today, Ren Zhengfeim, the founder of Huawei, refuted the claims that the government of China is using his firm to spy on its foreign rivals.

During a roundtable briefing with Bloomberg, Ren stated: “I love my country, I support the Communist Party. But I will not do anything to harm the world. I don’t see a close connection between my personal political beliefs and the businesses of Huawei.”

The Huawei founder is 74 years old. He added that he missed his daughter who is also the CFO of Huawei. His daughter is being held by authorities in Canada at the request of the United States of America. She stands accused of misleading banks regarding the nature of Iranian transactions, placing them at risk of sanctions from the United States.

Meng Wanzhou is currently on bail, however, she faces extradition to the United States.

The comments of the billionaire come after an employee of Huawei was detained in Poland for allegedly spying for the government of China. Huawei fired Wang Weijing immediately the next day, however, the incident adds to the intensifying pressure that is faced by the tech giant.

However, Ren said thar Huawei was not a factor in the increasing tensions between the United States and China that led to the superpowers pursuing a full-blown trade war over the summer that is only now seeing some signs of cooling down.

In the interview with Bloomberg, Ren stated: “Huawei is only a sesame seed in the trade conflict between China and the US.”

He added: “Trump is a great president. He dares to massively cut taxes, which will benefit business. But you have to treat well the companies and countries so that they are willing to invest in the US and the government will be able to collect enough tax.”

The United States had led the charge on blocking the equipment of Huawei from national infrastructure. It encouraged other western nations to do the same. However, O2 said that it would push ahead with the trials this year that would see it replace the older infrastructure of Nokia with Huawei hardware to underpin 5G technology.