Huawei is making fun of Apple and the iPhone X in a new ad


One of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world, Huawei, is already taking jabs at the newly unveiled iPhone X of Apple.

Huawei displays a short video of an apple being eaten to the core in a Twitter post. The tweet states “Feeling disappointed? We’ve got a real surprise exceeding anything you’ve ever seen.” Huawei is set to unveil its new Huawei Mate 10 smartphone on October 16.

The company’s Mate 9 smartphone was positively reviewed and was launched through retailers such as Best Buy and Amazon in the United States.

Huawei also mocked the facial recognition feature of the iPhone X in a separate video that is posted on Facebook. The said video suggests that Apple’s new feature fails often. In the video, the tech giant says that in October, the “Real AI Phone” is coming

Huawei is among the top three smartphone sellers in the world. According to Counterpoint Research’s note in September, the number one seller is Samsung, followed by Huawei and Apple.

Apple is yet to comment regarding the matter.