Huawei Proposes Cyber Security Centre To Fight Spying Concerns


Huawei has proposed to open a cybersecurity centre that will be located Poland in an attempt to mitigate the fears that it is spying for the Chinese government.

According to a report that was published by Reuters today, Tonny Bao, the Poland boss of Huawei, stated: “We are ready to establish a cybersecurity centre in Poland if authorities accept this as a trusted solution.”

A colleague at the news conference where Bao spoke said that Huawei should continue to be a contender to provide the future 5G network infrastructure of Poland.

Austin Zhang, the regional public affairs director of Huawei, said that there is no reason for the government of Poland to exclude the Chinese company from its future 5G network development.

Earlier this month, Poland arrested a Chinese Huawei worker that was suspected of spying, The employee was later sacked together with a former Polish security official.

The comments of the Chinese smartphone giant come after Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, called for security guarantees for Germany to consider the company for its own 5G rollout.

Merkel said that she hopes to have a dialogue with China to make sure that “the company doesn’t just simply hand the data to the state.”

Earlier this week, two workers of Huawei were expelled from Denmark over immigration concerns, even though there is no evidence that this is associated to wider security concerns.

Meanwhile, in its annual security report that was released yesterday, the intelligence group of  Norway issued a warning about Huawei.

The technology giant is anticipated to come under fire in an upcoming security review from a GCHQ-backed security committee in the United Kingdom in the coming months.

Huawei has established information security laboraties in Germany and the United Kingdom that is aimed at building confidence that its equipment does not contain “back doors” for Chinese intelligence services.