Hyperloop One co-founder steps down amid sexual harassment claims


The sexual harassment problem of Silicon Valley just keeps going. Forbes reveals that the founder of Hyperloop and Sherpa Capital (and an early Uber investor), Shervin Pishevar, is going on a leave of absence from the two companies, a few days after accusations of sexual harassment that were charged by five women were reported by Bloomberg.

According to Forbes, this past November, Pishevar was arrested for rape in London, an accusation he vehemently dismissed and was never charged for. His statement clarifying his leave of absence does not refer to the present allegations from five women who claim sexual harassment, only concentrating on the earlier lawsuit. Forbes remarks that Sherpa Capital asserts that it has not received reports of the inappropriate conduct of Pishevar.

In a statement that was reported by Forbes, Pishevear stated: “Therefore, I have decided to take an immediate leave of absence from my duties at Sherpa Capital and Virgin Hyperloop One, as well as my portfolio company board responsibilities, so that I can pursue the prosecution of my lawsuit, where I am confident I will be vindicated. Through the discovery process, I hope to unearth who fabricated the fraudulent London “police report,” and who is responsible for spreading false rumours about me.”

Various powerful men in the tech industry have been compelled to step down from their positions because of accusations regarding assaultive and inappropriate behaviour. Andy Rubin was reported to have left Google after an “improper” behaviour with a female subordinate and Roy Price of Amazon was suspended after Isa Dick Hackett alleged that he made indecent propositions to her.