IBM is installing a Watson AI laboratory at MIT


IBM and MIT are teaming up. Both are industry leaders in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

On Thursday, IBM revealed that it had reached a 10-year research partnership agreement with MIT. The said agreement is estimated to be worth nearly a quarter of a billion dollars. The investment will see researchers from both IBM and MIT working together to improve four key focus areas within the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The focal areas include deep-learning algorithms that can assist neural networks to move the single-use application to more generalised performance. As a result, aside from making AI systems more versatile, it will also enhance their transparency as well, making them capable of explaining how they came up with the answer that they did.

The partnership between IBM and MIT will also examine the intersection between quantum computing and machine learning. This focal area will help both fields, with quantum computers assisting in the optimisation of machine learning methodologies and Artificial Intelligence helping to identify and characterize quantum devices.

The MIT lab will also work extensively with the IBM Watson Health and Security office in nearby Cambridge, Massachusets to further develop applications in the existing AI cybersecurity and healthcare fields. According to a press release by IBM, those are not the only commercial areas being studied. Researchers will also examine the “economic implication of AI and investigate how AI can improve prosperity.”

This is not the first time that the two organizations have collaborated. In 2016, IBM and the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences started organizing a machine vision study. The IBM has also worked together with the MIT’s Broad Institute and Harvard for a multi-year study on the effects on Genomics of Artificial Intelligence.