Instagram Added A New Feature That Will Only Appears After the User Wait for 5 Seconds


Instagram loves to test new features secretly on some of its users and receive feedback before determining whether it should release it out for everyone.

However, over the last few weeks, the company included a new commenting feature that users would not be able to see unless they look at a post for over five seconds.

Before users go ahead and try the said feature, they must make sure that they have already updated the Instagram app to its latest version.

Once users have done that, they must go to their Instagram feed and scroll down to a post. They should wait for five seconds, and they should see an “Add a comment…” box appear.

It was confirmed to Mashable by Instagram that it quietly released the said feature over the past few weeks. A spokesperson for the company stated that it does not always reveal smaller feature updates.

The feature is admittedly small. However, it is clear that the app is now subtly pushing their users to comment in a potential attempt to further improve engagement with posts.

Th company thinks that users almost never comment on Instagram posts. Users usually post and archive the photos into a collection. However, commenting on Instagram, especially on a really popular account with already a lot of comments, feel like a waste of time for many.

Some say that they only began noticing the new feature this past week and they already feel tempted to add comment more.