Instagram Down On Friday the 13th


Instagram has been affected by yet another major outage. It left many users unable to refresh their feeds.

The said incident marks the third outage among a company that is owned by Facebook this week: both Facebook Messenger and Facebook’s main app have been affected by major international outages over the past few days.

The source of the said issue was not clear, however, according to the website Down Detector, it seems to have begun at around 11:49 in the morning (Pacific Time). During that time, the feeds were not refreshing on the mobile app and the desktop site of Instagram displayed an error page.

According to the same website, the problem seemed to be international as it affected many users everywhere in the world. The said issues were concentrated in the United States, Western Europe, and Brazil even though that is presumably because the outage happened at night in other time zones.

However, it did not seem to be universal, with some phones and accounts being able to get onto the app without experiencing any issues at all.

Some users may have noticed themselves still able to access some profiles and stories by going to the Instagram website. However, the website offers a very limited experience, with no proper feed. Also, the website does not present an easy way to upload new posts.

Other users found themselves being able to use the app to access some of the website – such as profiles – however, they were not able to post or use the other features of the social media app.

The users of Instagram flocked to Twitter during the said outage to check whether they were not the only people who had been experiencing some problems with accessing their feeds.

Such outages are normally resolved quickly. However, since Instagram currently has more than a billion users, even the shortest outage can have a massive international impact.