Instagram Live Videos Can Now Be Sent Via Direct Messages


It is easy to start a live video on Instagram, but how do the friends of their users know if they are broadcasting if they do not receive the usual alert? As of now, users can ping them themselves Instagram has included the option for users to send live videos as direct messages, so they can ensure that their pals tune in when they are live-streaming their vacation. Users can also send a video as a viewer if there is a must-see stream. However, this feature only works while videos are live, so the recipients will have to check replays just like everyone else.

The feature is currently available for both iOS and Android users. It is not going to make a dramatic effect. However, it could be a huge help for personal streaming where users only expect a handful of viewers to watch. And that is actually the point — Instagram wants the said feature to be widely utilised by everyone, not just some celebrities who can anticipate hundreds or thousands of viewers as a matter of course.