Instagram Now Allow Users Create Stories via Their Website


    The website of Instagram just became a much more viable alternative to its full app.

    Instagram is adding the ability for users to create Stories straight from the mobile version of the website of the company. The said feature is currently beginning to roll out, along with the ability to save posts from mobile web.

    Even though many users in Europe and the United States rely on the app, Instagram has been steadily improving the functionality of its mobile site during the past months as it aims to increase its users in developing markets where the app may be too resource intensive or too data for many users.

    And, unlike Messenger and Facebook, there is not yet a dedicated “lite” version of Instagram, even though the app is currently working on its offline functionality.

    However, until it does, Instagram is depending on its mobile website to take it to the 1 billion user mark and beyond. Previously, the company added the ability to post photos from its mobile site in May.

    Now, adding Stories creation — probably one of the most popular features of Instagram — is a significant next step toward making a feasible alternative to users who would not otherwise use the app.