Instagram Now Allows Users to Store Payment Information and Purchase Products Directly In The App


On Thursday, Instagram has confirmed that the users of the photosharing-platform are now enabled to store payment information and directly purchase products inside the Instagram app.

The new payment feature of Instagram appears under Settings in the app, with an option to track previous payments, set a pin for extra security, and add credit or debit card information.

(The said update was first reported by TechCrunch on Thursday.)

It is yet another effort made by the company to support advertising and businesses on the photo-sharing platform. Instagram is owned by Facebook and it has been building out its ad model to so that brands and businesses can seamlessly advertise products in the content stream of a user.

According to a spokesperson for Instagram, the said feature is currently only available for a limited group of partners, which includes Resy, an online restaurant reservation site. It is part of an update that was announced in 2017 to allow for appointment booking in the app.

Snap, its social media rival, offered a similar update during the recent weeks, leveraging its AR capabilities with a new feature that is called Shoppable that allows users to shop for promoted products even without leaving the app.