Instant Money Transfers Temporarily Suspended by Venmo

Photo via Time Magazine

If ever you need your friend to pay you back via Venmo as soon as possible, you might have to twiddle your thumbs for some time as Venmo has temporarily suspended the instant transfer feature of the app in order to make some “few changes” to the said service. Users can still make use of regular bank transfers. However, that would not be much help if they need that money in order to pay for a bill.

Venmo did not go into detail when questioned regarding the pause of the said service. However, it said that it was done in order to handle various “technical issues.” It said that some of the users of Venmo should already see the said service coming back.

This is not the first hiccup that was experienced with the service. The Verge noted that Venmo also took the feature down last February because of a “brief disruption.” It is not a good look for Venmo to suspend one of the most valuable features of the app, however, and the said removal arrives when Square, Zelle, and PayPal all have their own options on instant money transfer. Venmo risks ceding its ground if the service’s immediate payments will not be as reliable as those of its rivals.