Intel Is Planning to Release Company’s First Discrete GPU In 2020

Photo by JiahuiH from Flickr

Raja Koduri was leading the Radeon development of AMD when he was successfully nabbed by Intel last year. It was only a matter of time until Intel is able to enter the high-end GPU arena. The confirmation arrived in a form of a short tweet today as Intel is planning to release the first discrete GPU of the company — one that is not integrated into a CPU like the current graphics of the firm — in 2020.

According to Ryan Shrout, in a meeting that was held with analysts last week, Navin Shenoy, an Intel executive, noted that the company exploring both server and client (professional and gaming graphics) offerings. There is no telling which market Intel is going to target first, however, either way, both AMD and NVIDIA should take notice.

As pointed out by Shrout, even a release in 2020 appears to surprisingly fast for Intel. When it announced the hiring of Koduri last November, along with the establishment of a new Core and Visual Computing Group, basically, Intel was starting from scratch. While the integrated graphics technology of the company has steadily improved over the past few years, it still cannot hold a candle to the performance of a dedicated GPU. That is one of the reasons why Intel established a partnership with AMD in order to integrate a Radeon GPU into a Core processor, which would enable it for a decent gaming performance in thin and light machines. While that partnership was utterly surprising at first, it is most clearly considered as a stopgap plan until Intel is already able to deliver its own GPUs.