International Sites Of Amazon Re-opened To Australian Shoppers


Amazon, the online shopping giant, has reversed the decision of the company to block the shoppers that are based in Australia from buying products on its main website or its US website. The decision of the shutdown comes after new tax legislation that was imposed in the country has caused the retailer to eventually exit from the country.

Last July, Amazon launched its Australia-only website in the wake of a 10 percent tax on goods and services on imported items that are worth less than AU$1,000 (£563). However, the consumers slammed the decision. They complained that it would leave them being unable to purchase many products and increase the prices on others.

Today, a spokesperson for Amazon said that after listening to the feedback of their customers, it had established the “complex infrastructure needed to enable exports of low-value goods to Australia and remain compliant with [Australian] laws.”

At least 32 states in the United States of America have also imposed a similar legislation, however, Australia was the first location to be shut out by Amazon as a response. A research from the National Bank Australia revealed that the growth of online sales in the region slowed down over the 12 months to September. It showed that it comprised just below nine percent of the wider retail market.

The said move comes just in time for Black Friday, however, it will only cover the products that are sold by Amazon and not by third-parties.

Last July, Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia, stated: “You don’t get a special deal because you’re a big company or a multinational.” Morrison was the treasurer of the country at the time of the exit of Amazon.

He added: “I think it is disappointing that Amazon has taken this out on consumers in Australia — but that is their commercial position.”