Investing in Robotics: More Profit in a Snap


How can one maximise profit from the rise of the machines as automation is reasonably dominating a huge part in the economy?

Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon – Some of the world’s technology giants– are giving out billions of pounds of fund into artificial intelligence, a market that will yield to $47 billion by 2020, as what the analyst firm IDC projects. However, where are the opportunities to make money from this automation revolution, and what does this mean for jobs and economies?

Ed Smith, one of the key players of multi-asset team at Rathbones, comments, ‘The optimists’ argument has it that increasingly cheap robots will relocate labour, but with a significant repercussion: the production of goods and services by the robots will become more economical, thus invigorating demand.

So, how will you make money by investing in robotics?