iPhone 8: Rumours, release date, and everything you must know


iPhone 8 is anticipated to be released in a few week’s time. Apple’s new smartphone is expected to mark a profound change for the company as it attempts to wow users with their 10th-anniversary device.

The new iPhone has been rumoured to feature no home button for the first time, facial recognition, an edge-to-edge screen display, and wireless charging.

The new handset’s  screen design and the three colours that the users should expect from the new handset was revealed in the latest leaks.

Here is what we’re expecting from the release of the iPhone 8:

When will it be released?

A reasonably regular release pattern was developed by Apple. Their new iPhones are usually revealed on a Tuesday or Wednesday in Early September.

It may be a coincidence that it usually comes a week after a major technology conference held in Germany, the IFA, which will start on the 1st of September. Meaning, the best guess for the date of release is September 5, Tuesday, or September 6, Wednesday since Monday is a US holiday.

Also, the phone tends to go on a sale one week or two weeks later on a Friday, so the best bets will be September 15 or 22. A week before they go on sale, pre-orders also tend to be accepted.

However, there have been rumours of delays in productions around the said launch. But the tech giant quickly dismissed these worries, foretelling strong sales in the coming months.

Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said that a current “pause” in sales “probably bodes well for the future.”

A respected analyst of Apple has predicted that the said launch will unveil three new iPhone units, but the early order in the first few months of sales of the iPhone 8 will see limited supply.

What will it be called?

It has been noted that Apple developed a recognisable pattern since iPhone 3G’s release back in 2008. A new phone with significant cosmetic changes one year and it introduces an improved “s” model the next year. The latest iPhone was called the iPhone 7 so by the mentioned logic; the next model would be the iPhone 7s.

However, there are predictions that it could change this year. For example, last year’s iPhone 7 was less of a drastic deviation from the previous two year’s iPhone models, appearance-wise, at least. If Apple chooses to unveil a brand new design, reasonably, it would not want to call the new handset the 7s. In that case, iPhone 8 makes much more sense.

On the other hand, Apple may prefer to create a splash during its 10th anniversary. Another rumoured name is the iPhone X. This would make sense since Apple’s series make it into double digits before shifting their naming conventions – so at a certain point, a change will likely happen.

How much will it cost?

It is expected to cost a LOT. Fast Company reports that flagship handsets have been noted to increase in price every year. Thus, the iPhone 8 could probably be Apple’s most expensive handset, to yet, costing more than £800 in the UK and $1,000 in the U.S.

Foxconn, an executive manufacturer at Apple, suggested that the new device will “not be cheap.”