An iPhone Exploded in Las Vegas

    Photo by Kārlis Dambrāns from Flickr

    Samsung may be the only maker of smartphones that have exploding handsets in its portfolio — Apple, its chief rival, may also be feeling the heat. In a rather disturbing surveillance video, one unit of iPhone can be seen exploding and subsequently catching fire inside a store that was located in Las Vegas.

    In a video taken the 11th of May, an employee of an as-of-yet unidentified store can be seen while he was working at a counter when suddenly, an iPhone which was a couple of feet away on the counter literally goes up in flames. The employee, frightened, moved far away from the handset as it was burning. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the said incident.

    The store specializes in repairs of phones. However, apparently, this was one mobile device that was suffering from significantly more than a cracked screen. Indeed, it would appear that in some cases, a mobile device that is damaged can be a fire hazard.

    While the surveillance video makes it hard to ascertain exactly what device exploded on the desk of the employee, KTNV, an ABC affiliate, which first reported the said news, notes that the smartphone was an iPhone 6S. This is not the first time that a phone of Apple has exploded and caught fire. Last December, security footage revealed that an iPhone 6 exploded in a man’s hands, and previously, batteries of iPhone 8 units have also reportedly swollen and cracked, which is often regarded as a precursor to more dangerous combustions.

    To be fair, there are not any handsets that are entirely free of risks when it comes to explosions. The majority (if not all) of phones rely on lithium-ion batteries, which tend to be dangerous if they are either defective or damaged. Indeed, batteries were the culprit behind the issues with the now infamous Galaxy Note 7 of Samsung — Samsung ultimately determined that the handsets overheated because of defective batteries that were supplied from two different companies and eventually recalled all the Note 7 units. And seeing as the exploding iPhone was in the middle of a repair when the explosion occurred, it is possible that its battery had already been damaged.

    As reported by Mashable, another possible scenario was that the iPhone was left in the heat for too long, causing its battery to be damaged. And seeing as the incident happened in Las Vegas, a city that not known for its cool temperatures, it could be the case that the iPhone was experiencing a sort of mobile heat stroke.