iPhone X Heist Lands Robbers $370,000 Worth of Hot New Apple Hardware


While other people line up for to get their first hands-on interactions with Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone X, some burglars managed to get their hands on the smartphones ahead of schedule. Last Wednesday, November 1, a group of nefarious actors purportedly administered a truly 21st-century heist, snagging not pieces of gold or jewellery, but a bunch of new iPhone X from a delivery truck.

As originally reported by KTSF, a local San Francisco news station, three “husky” men staked out a UPS truck, and managed to steal more than 300 units of iPhone X’s with an estimated value of about $370,000. The robbery reportedly happened sometime between 11:15 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. PT. Although the UPS truck driver managed to lock his doors upon his arrival at the Stonestown Galleria mall, this was clearly not enough to prevent the thieves, who were still able to break into the truck and ran away with their loot in a white Dodge van.

According to Capt. Rick Yick of SFPD Taraval police, “A witness observed three unidentified suspects wearing hooded sweatshirts exit a white Dodge van.” And while the suspects have yet to be apprehended, local law enforcement are asking concerned citizens to help with recovery efforts. Police believe that the heist had been carefully planned, with Yick noting, “It appears the suspects knew what they were looking for. Given the dollar value in the incident itself, it appears it was planned.”

Fortunately for those law-abiding citizens who were actually waiting for their chance to purchase the newest iPhone of Apple, the availability of the said handset at Stonestown Galleria was not affected by the theft.

Luckily, each iPhone X has an IMEI serial number, which means that lost or stolen handsets can be tracked. As such, it appears to be unlikely that the suspects will be able to get away with their crime for long, especially if they intend on reselling the iPhones. As Grace Gatapandan, an SFPD spokesperson stated, “If you’re going to purchase stuff, go to an actual store to purchase it.”

In any case, buyers do not have to be concerned about Apple in the midst of all this drama. The company is set to make at least $84 billion in revenue for the first quarter of next year, with the majority of this revenue forecasted to come from tremendous sales of the iPhone X during the holidays.