Irish PM Welcomes Revised Brexit Deal


Today, Leo Varadkar, the Prime Minister of Ireland, said that the outcome of the last-ditch discussions between the European Union and the European Union, which saw a revised Brexit deal agreed upon was “positive.”

He said that the documents that were agreed upon were “complementary” to the existing withdrawal agreement and the political declaration, He also said that it provides an “additional layer” of reassurance to the United Kingdom ahead of further votes in the House of Commons.

Last Monday, both sides agreed on some legally binding assurances that intend to appease MPs that the United Kingdom cannot be trapped in the backstop indefinitely.

Even though Varadkar disclosed that the three documents did not reopen, alter or “undermine” the existing agreements, they embodied a “fair compromise by all sides.”

In particular, he remarked that they do not “call into question” the existing backstop in the said agreement, which strives to prevent a hard border in Northern Ireland.

He stated: “We have insisted that the withdrawal agreement cannot be rewritten, and that the backstop agreement, while intended to be temporary, must continue to apply unless and until it can be replaced by alternative arrangements that can achieve the same objective.”

However, claimed that any “doubts or fears” that the United Kingdom could be “trapped” within the backstop “can now be put to bed.”

Varadkar emphasised: “The goal is not to trap the UK in the backstop.”

He said that Ireland and the European Union had always been willing to offer “assurances of our good faith and intentions.” Varadkar noted that the said documents are those assurances in legally binding form.

The Irish PM stated: “Brexit has been a dark cloud over us for many months. We now need to see the withdrawal agreement ratified by Westminster and the European Parliament without further delay.”

The government of Ireland held a special late-night cabinet meeting to talk about the proposals when the ministers were presented with the text of the assurances that were negotiated between the European Union and the United Kingdom.

Last Monday evening, Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, had already indicated that Varadkar expressed his approval of the backstop assurances.

During a press conference with Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, that was held in Strasbourg, Juncker said that the Irish PM “would be prepared to accept this solution in the interest of securing an overall deal.”