Israeli Police: PM Benjamin Netanyahu Should Be Charged With Corruption


Police authorities in Israel have said that there is enough evidence to press charges against Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of the country, in a third corruption investigation.

In a statement, the police said that authorities had discovered some evidence of bribery and fraud against the PM Netanyahu, who faced similar allegations last February.

Netanyahu and Sara, his wife, are suspected of advancing regulatory benefits that are worth as much as 1 billion shekels (£210 million) to Bezeq, a telecom company that is based in Israel, in return for favourable coverage from the media.

The police also disclosed that there was enough evidence to charge the company’s majority shareholder, Shaul Elovitch, with receiving the bribes from the PM.

Netanyahu posted on Twitter as a response to the allegations. He denied all wrongdoing.

In a tweet, he stated: “The police recommendations for me and my wife do not surprise anyone, nor the transparent timing of their publication. These recommendations were set up and leaked before the interrogations even began. Police recommendations do not have any legal status. Only recently the competent officials have declined sweeping the police recommendations against a series of public personalities.”

He continued: “I’m sure in this case the competent factors after they examine things, will come to the same conclusion that there was nothing because there was nothing.”

Earlier this year, the police made similar recommendations in reference to the alleged conversations that Netanyahu had with the owner of Yedioth Ahronoth, an  Israeli newspaper, in which he allegedly talked about limiting the circulation of competing media outlets as a return for positive coverage.

The attorney general of Israel will now decide whether to press the said charges.